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Zero Wide Receiver: Data Shows That It’s The Way To Go

There are many different theories and strategies for how to draft a fantasy football team. Waiting for a late-round quarterback, stockpiling tight ends, patiently snagging mid-round running backs. Some work, some don’t. Being a numbers guy, there’s only one tried and true method that works and makes sense for me: the Zero Wide Receiver strategy. […]

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Meet Cooter Doodle

Meet Cooter! She is known for her witty and hilarious Twitter account. During the fantasy football season, Cooter joins a weekly live podcast and records quick shots for the YouTube channel. Cooter is also the circle’s official vibe manager. Cooter Doodle brings a new meaning of fun & skill to the fantasy realm. Make sure […]

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Meet Evan

Meet Evan! Evan, or Dr. DynastE, he joined the circle January 2021. He is a massive FF dynasty nerd. For Evan sports have always been his passion, but he has always had an affinity towards writing. His dream was finding a way to combine the two. Evan started the combination of both by writing dynasty […]

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