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Navigate Auction Draft

How to Successfully Navigate Auction Drafts

While all types of drafts have their advantages and disadvantages, one of my favorite drafts is my 14-Team Auction league each year. Why are auction drafts so great? Simple, you can get whoever you want (outside of keepers). If there is a guy you have planted your flag on for the upcoming season, there’s no hoping that he drops to you or trying to figure out if he’ll last until your next pick. So spend the money and get your guy. 

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Discount player Jared Cook

Fantasy Football Discount Player: Jared Cook

Speaking of the 2020 Rookie of the Year, having Herbert under center only amplifies Cook’s case for a career season. The most important stat for a tight end to be a fantasy success is touchdowns. In 2020, Herbert looked  Henry’s way inside the 10 yard line more than any other pass catcher. While targeting the position as a whole, Herbert attempted more than 21% of his passes to his tight ends, with Henry garnering 16.4%. Being surrounded by a plethora of elite pass catchers will keep him in multiple favorable one on one matchups.

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Questions for the AFC West

Four Need to Know Questions for the AFC West

Unfortunately, we have seen plenty of quarterbacks and players be one-year wonders, and many decline in their second season. 12 of the last 14 signal-callers who put up top-20 per game statistics posted lesser numbers in their second season. It doesn’t mean that Herbert will be one of them. In fact, in each of the last four seasons, a second-year quarterback has put up the best numbers in the NFL. The four who did – Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Kyler Murray- were all outscored by Herbert in 2020 as a rookie.

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