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Fantasy Intervention Marked-Down Values

Marked Down Values: Whose ADP is a Screaming Bargain

Every year there are multiple candidates that we can all identify as being a marked-down value in drafts. If you do your research prior to the draft, you can find bargains at their average draft position (or ADP). Everyone wants the chance at striking fantasy gold. Well, here are a few players listed below that can fulfill your fantasies and help you win a 2021 Championship.

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Damien Harris: Why Can’t I Quit You?

The running back position is often a tale of extremes in dynasty leagues. One on hand, we have the young, highly coveted players at the position. They grow exponentially more expensive to acquire with every impressive outing. On the other hand are the older veterans at the position. Their best

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Stabilize Your Future: Trevor Lawrence

Stabilize Your Future: Trevor Lawrence Skyrocketing Rookie Value

To say rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence is walking into a challenging situation is an understatement. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been a forgotten franchise as of late and have shown an inability to build a winning organization since owner Shahid Khan took over in 2011. Jacksonville requires a facelift, but can one player do it alone? Before selecting Lawrence to be the cornerstone of your fantasy franchise, let’s break down the situation he’s walking into and see how fantasy-relevant he can be.

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