Blurred Lines

The Top Quarterback In The 2021 Class

Our quarterback rankings are not likely to move dramatically.  Perception is rooted in our genetic code. Cognitive dissonance theory occurs when an individual has two contradicting thoughts. According to social psychologist Leon Festinger, dissonance causes an individual discomfort. The individual seeks to counter this discomfort by becoming constant in their

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Dynasty Reads: Javian Hawkins Prospect Profile

Dynasty Reads: Prospect Profiles Welcome to a series of prospect profiles designed to help you navigate your upcoming dynasty rookie drafts. These profiles will spend time dissecting three essential components of a prospect: the physical profile, athleticism, and college production. On today’s menu is Louisville running back Javian Hawkins. Javian

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Kenyan Drake: Free Agent Running Back Roundup

Introduction The 2021 NFL season and free agent market is officially open on March 17th 4 pm EST. As die-hard dynasty players, you’re already reviewing and scouting future players for your 2021 rosters. One of the key components to fantasy roster management is to foresee change around the league before

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