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marquise brown

Marquise Brown: A Look At His Bumpy 2020 Campaign

For all of you Marquise Brown shareholders out there, I know what you are going through. You, like me, are probably sick and tired of wondering whether to hold, buy, or sell. In this article we’ll look at Brown’s history and what to expect going forward, hoping to provide a

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When To Expect Tight End Breakout Seasons

Tight End Breakout – When to Expect it The importance of having a dominant tight end in fantasy football is like wearing a seat belt in a car. You can drive a car without a seatbelt on and make it to your destination (championship). There can be a few scary

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Trade for this Highly Valuable Running Back : Damien Harris

This is the second piece in a series about players of value to add in the offseason. With value in mind, everyone’s thoughts should center around running back Damien Harris of the New England Patriots.  Through the season, speculative trades or even waiver pickups were made in anticipation of the

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