Blurred Lines

Flavor of the Week: Potential Deshaun Watson Trade?

The post-season would not have truly commenced without the rumor mill beginning to turn. So, what’s the flavor of the week? Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is said to be potentially requesting a trade. Despite signing a new contract before the season started, there is nothing stopping the team from

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All Aboard the NFL Coaching Carousel

As it currently stands, there are six teams with head coaching vacancies. The Fantasy Intervention team looks at each team’s situation and provides their best guesses on who could fill those roles. Atlanta Falcons Current Status: Somewhere between win now and rebuild Assets: Matt Ryan (through 2023), Julio Jones (through

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Destroying the Deadline: Does It Make Sense in Dynasty?

The Trade Deadline Why do trade deadlines exist in dynasty fantasy football? They were created for a reason, right? Are they still necessary, at least in a dynasty fantasy setting? Let’s go over both sides of the argument and explore how they came into existence. We’ll expose why trade deadlines

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