Blurred Lines

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The Doppelganger Game: El Cuco Takes What It Wants

Fantasy football is mostly about fun and hope, but it doesn’t come without an element of fear. Fears can range from draft mistakes to simply missing out on a sleeper. In dynasty leagues, those fears can be amplified since there are no do-overs. Once you draft your team, outside of

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Zero Wide Receiver: Data Shows That It’s The Way To Go

There are many different theories and strategies for how to draft a fantasy football team. Waiting for a late-round quarterback, stockpiling tight ends, patiently snagging mid-round running backs. Some work, some don’t. Being a numbers guy, there’s only one tried and true method that works and makes sense for me:

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Free Agent Running Back Roundup: Aaron Jones

Introduction The 2021 NFL season and free agent market officially opens on March 17th 4pm EST . As die-hard dynasty players, you’re already reviewing and scouting future players for your 2021 rosters. One of the key components to fantasy roster management is to foresee change around the league before it

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