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Top 12

Who Is The Superior Top 12 Back: D’Andre Swift or J.K. Dobbins?

Two players give me hope to break into the Top 12 in 2020: J.K. Dobbins and D’Andre Swift. Both had rookie average draft positions at 1.05, and neither created much separation as they both had strong finishes. Is there one who is more likely to succeed and the other more likely to break your heart? Diving into the numbers, it becomes quite apparent.

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Justin Jefferson Record Breaking

Shot or No Shot: Could These Fantasy Records Be Broken?

We all have a fantasy football journey. For most, it began with football without the fantasy, as we had a favorite team and a favorite player. Possibly even a special memory of watching football with a loved one on Sundays. Our fandom all began somewhere. Fantasy football began for me

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Wide Receiver Age

Wide Receiver Age and Its Impact on Value

For the purpose of this article, “N” refers to the first season a wide receiver aged 28 or older sat inside the top-12 of average draft position. “N+1” would be one season removed from “N.” Production and value are not interchangeable terms when discussing players in fantasy football. There should

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