Kevin Zetiler Signs With Ravens

Kevin Zeitler Will Pave the way in Baltimore

The Chiefs dominated the offensive line market; they signed former Patriots offensive lineman Joe Thuney and the unretired Kyle Long. In an attempt to fix their fragile line, the Chargers paid up for former Packers standout Corey Lindsley agreeing to a five-year $62.5 million deal. Meanwhile, some lower-profile signings like Pal Elfein (three-year $13.5 million […]

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marquise brown

Marquise Brown: A Look At His Bumpy 2020 Campaign

For all of you Marquise Brown shareholders out there, I know what you are going through. You, like me, are probably sick and tired of wondering whether to hold, buy, or sell. In this article we’ll look at Brown’s history and what to expect going forward, hoping to provide a bit of clarity on the […]

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Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas! Thomas joined our circle in January 2020. He is a Glass Technician from Ontario, Canada. Yes, we have several international circle members. He is currently residing in Winnipeg, as a very loud and very expressive lifelong Baltimore Ravens fan. Oh, and he is the primary defender of the Joe Flacco is ELITE club […]

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