Russell Wilson: The Trade Winds Blow East

Does Russell Wilson want to be traded?! Well, let’s be real, who does not wish to be traded at some point in their lives? He has already delivered a ransom note to the Seahawks with his no-trade clause at the forefront as leverage. The rumored destinations all have market size in common and it is apparent that […]

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The Top Quarterback In The 2021 Class

Our quarterback rankings are not likely to move dramatically.  Perception is rooted in our genetic code. Cognitive dissonance theory occurs when an individual has two contradicting thoughts. According to social psychologist Leon Festinger, dissonance causes an individual discomfort. The individual seeks to counter this discomfort by becoming constant in their beliefs. The mind seeks consistency […]

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The Rule Of Three – Tales of Fantasy Supremecy

There is an age-old rule of storytelling: the rule of three. The principle is simple, three is the first number that allows patterns to develop while also minimizing confusion. It was a tenant of early tales (The Three Little Pigs) and carried through to modern stories like Star Wars (Luke and the Droids early in […]

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Senior Bowl Day 2 – Running Diary

6:55 – I have a work zoom this morning so an early start. The Senior Bowl excitement inspired me to purchase the full line of Reese’s products as a thank you for their generous support. It is a relief to know a full day’s worth of meals is planned and a great way to give […]

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Thank You, Mr. Brees

Sports binds us. Anyone dedicated enough to sports to consume content has at least one story:  A time they met their best friend at soccer practice or the last game they watched with a beloved grandparent. These stories are fundamental to our passion and love for the game, and ultimately to the tenants of our […]

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