Creator of Fantasy Intervention and Some Yards are Better than No Yards.

About Me

Passionate about the analytics of fantasy football and the people who are a part of this amazing community. Fantasy was something I always loved to dive into more so than the average fan. I’ve created spread sheets, researched articles, and constant strived to figure out the next guy up before even the experts inside the community.

Special Sauce

Hot takes are a specialty of mine and I drive to beat out DFS lineups with limited bank rolls.

Love dynasty and thrive to find players ahead of the rest of the industry.

Always open to listen, but make sure you bring the numbers.

You can find me at one of my eight podcasts a week on, but ya’ll already knew that.

Make sure you check out for all of our DFS content and lineups! Get ahead of the curve!


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Top 12

Who Is The Superior Top 12 Back: D’Andre Swift or J.K. Dobbins?

Two players give me hope to break into the Top 12 in 2020: J.K. Dobbins and D’Andre Swift. Both had rookie average draft positions at 1.05, and neither created much separation as they both had strong finishes. Is there one who is more likely to succeed and the other more likely to break your heart? Diving into the numbers, it becomes quite apparent.

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