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Cooter Made a Fantasy Mixtape: Volume 1 Is Out Now

Welcome to the first ever Fantasy Mixtape. If you are reading this, it means we’ve connected on a deeper level. Spiritual? Nah, maybe not. Just open your heart and you’ll see what I mean. I want to fill your ears with a little symphony. Here, I made this for you:

Track 1– This first song goes out to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Selena Gomez sings, “you promised the world and I fell for it” and I have felt that more than just this season. As an avid Saints’ fan, I’ve fallen for it – read: Superbowl promises – many years in a row. But, now with Drew Brees retiring, there’s a bitter-sweet sense of peace in the air. I can love and respect everything Drew gave to New Orleans, while also recognizing… “I needed to lose him to love me”. That’s the tea

 Lose You To Love Me – Selena Gomez

Track 2– This next song goes out to Lions receiver Kenny Golladay. All year long we watched the injury reports and held on to hope of his return. “Good news, good news, good news… That’s all we wanted to hear”. Maybe next year he’ll be hip to returning. I know there’s an argument for drafting zero wide receiver now, but I’m taking him where I can get him. When it comes to Golladay picks, I feel like “there’s a whole lot more for me waiting”. After all, he is smooth like butter in your coffee.

Good News – Mac Miller

Track 3– Our next song is a shout out to the entire 2020 season. If you were new to fantasy football this year, this was a wild way to start. For track three, this song starts off very blunt: “So sick, so sick of being tired, and oh so tired of being sick”. With 2020 being the first season to ever tackle COVID designations, it’s only fitting to acknowledge it was tiring at times and players were often sick. But hey, “think of all the fun you had”. 

You Know How I Do – Taking Back Sunday

Track 4– This song may not resonate with everyone. I personally cannot ignore the fact I lost a lot of fantasy leagues this year. In fact, 2020 was my worst fantasy football season to date. If someone saw me, they could accurately say, “She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an ‘L’ on her forehead.” I made some silly trades and even worse waiver wire pickups, but it “didn’t make sense not to live for fun”, you know?

All Star – Smash Mouth

Track 5– This one goes out to Titans running back Derrick Henry. He covered the most distance on foot this year with 2,027 rushing yards in the regular season. Mr. Henry, I would walk a thousand miles if I could just see you do this again. Please. 

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Track 6 – This last track is really strong lyrically and reminds me of Broncos running back Melvin Gordon. When I hear the symphony of sounds shaping the word “tequila”, I can’t help but think that it’s Gordon time, thanks to this video.

Tequila Song – The Champs

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