My name is Corey Spala aka C. Dot aka Waiver Wire Hero aka Analytic Critic — I studied Behavioral Sciences at Western Michigan University and had post-graduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management.

I like long walks on the beach, but never barefoot. A real soggy sock kind of guy. I eat frozen toaster strudels as a snack and also know Fantasy Football stuff.

Dynasty, superflex, & tight end premium is my love language. My content is best digested with dynasty in mind.

Don’t know why you would follow my advice // but you can here –> C. Dot


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Rookies in High Scoring Offenses

Moore and Tolbert’s elite production is viewed as discounted as they played against subpar competition. Moore has one of the most impressive production profiles of any wide receiver in the class at Central Western Michigan, but he is viewed as untested. Tolbert put up monster numbers throughout his five years at South Alabama, but he is a redshirt senior who didn’t break out till he was 20.5.

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