Foresight to Beat Your Dynasty Leagues to the Future

We all love playing fantasy football and for years I had only ever played redraft and wasn’t even aware dynasty was a thing. My eyes were opened this season when I got added to a dynasty league. Now, I am in four and am totally addicted. If you are like me you enjoy building a roster for years to come and pretend that we could be NFL general managers if only someone gave us a chance.

Dynasty gives us the ability to build our roster for years to come and one of the important things to do is look to the future when you have free agents who are leaving and who to replace them with. For example, when running back Mark Ingram was in his last year with the Saints, third-round rookie Alvin Kamara would be someone to acquire. With the high-powered Saints’ offense and his rookie season developed, he was someone you wanted on your team. Now he’s the RB1 in most dynasty start-ups.

In this article, we are going to look at a few free agents who could leave their current squad and the options behind them and why they are people to stash on the end of your bench now in preparation for next season.

Allen Robinson’s Potential Vanishing Act

Allen Robinson has been the Bears’ primary receiver for the last three seasons after moving on from Jacksonville. Prior to Week 13, Robinson has 71 catches for 829 yards and five TDs. His 2019 season was impressive as well, finishing with 98 receptions for 1147 yards and seven touchdowns which was WR8 on the season. Robinson did this with quarterbacks Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles who were subpar at best. All this is to say that Robinson could be gone in 2021 This will allow someone to step up and take over his targets, yards, catches and touchdowns if he does happen to move on.

With any luck, the Bears will sign or trade for a quality QB (hello Aaron Rodgers) who will utilize the young Bears receivers Darnell Mooney, Anthony Miller & Javon Wims. Wims has been on the Bears for three years now and has a total of 27 catches for 253 yards and two touchdowns while Anthony Miller who has also been with the Bears for three years has 122 catches for 1456 yards and 11 touchdowns. Mooney as a rookie has 36 catches for 385 yards so far this season and two touchdowns while averaging 10.7 yards per catch.

None of these stats are really jumping out to go “I must grab this guy off waivers” but we are trying to get ahead of the curve in dynasty Darnell Mooney is currently owned in 10.2% of leagues on ESPN, Anthony Miller 11.3% and Javon Wims 0%.Trubisky’s fifth-year option was declined by the Bears so he will probably be gone in 2021 and Foles has been benched for Trubisky. The question remains as to if Foles will have a chance to become the starter or if the Bears really need to sign or draft a competent quarterback. Improved QB play from someone like Rodgers or even the Saints’ Jameis Winston should increase the productivity for all these players.

Looking at the Targets for these three receivers in 2020 Mooney has 65 targets, Miller has 63 targets & Wims has eight targets which would combine for 136 targets. Robinson is on pace for 157 with 115 currently only 28 fewer targets.  Potentially looking at 160 vacated targets in 2021 makes Mooney, Miller and Wims much more appealing options to stash on your dynasty bench.  Look for them to become starters or flex players for your roster with an expected increase in value moving forward 

Will Fuller was Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time                 

Will Fuller was having a career year in Houston, hauling in 53 catches for 879 yards and eight touchdowns until his 6-game suspension for PEDs ended his season. Fuller finally had a season where his hamstrings weren’t as brittle as a bubble in a child’s hand. Expect him to get him paid this offseason. This leaves Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb as the 2 main wide receivers on the Texans. Both struggle with injuries which Look to find value in Keke Coutee and Isaiah Coulter as two options to stash on your dynasty bench. Coutee had one of the best NFL debuts in recent memory with 11 catches (a record since the NFL-AFL merger on debut) for 109 yards. Sitting behind Hopkins and Fuller hindered his upside, finishing with the rest of his rookie season with only28 catches and 287 yards. Fuller’s departure and Cobb landing on IR till Week 15 will create more opportunities for Coutee to become the man in Houston. . The future outlook could be bright as Cooks and Cobb won’t be the long-term options. Coutee is only rostered in 7.6% of ESPN leagues so pick him up as an end of the bench dynasty stash where you can.

Isaiah Coulter has yet to play in the NFL and which is why he is only rostered in 0.1% of ESPN leagues but we will get to see the rest of the season what Coulter can do. Coulter posted over 1000 yards and eight touchdowns in 2019 at Rhode Island so there’s hope that his impressive college production can translate to the NFL.  The law firm of Cooks, Coutee & Coulter won’t be the biggest names going around for the rest of the 2020 season, but keep an eye on their production moving forward.

If Coulter or Coutee can pull down a couple touchdowns and average around 85 yards per game for the remainder of the season they will absolutely be worth the end of the bench dynasty spot heading into next season where  the Texans need to invest in the offensive line. Keeping Deshaun Watson upright should give him more time to find his open receivers  with increased efficiency. Pick these guys up now before they have breakout games and watch their value soar going into 2021.  

Just because you’re out of the playoffs doesn’t mean you can’t continue to develop your rosters. Get ahead of your league by looking forward to 2021 and keep up with my articles as we continue to look into a few more end of the bench dynasty guys who should see more playing time.

If you have any questions or potential dynasty players to stash hit me up on Twitter @BradBolt1 or @JoinOurCircle_

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