@FF_Chef https://twitter.com/FF_Chef

Been playing fantasy football for 15 years. Been a Chef for almost 20. When I’m not cooking food I’m Cooking up Hot Takes.

Co-host of the Fantasy Six-Pack for Fantasy Intervention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-wHLJaLjBo&list=PL7Dsk3a77kJblKZngJWS3RMnkFpjHzFyF&index=1&t=60s

Host of “The Tilt is Real Fantasy Football Podcast” https://www.thetiltisreal.com/

Writer for Ballblast Football https://ballblastfootball.com/antonio-gibson-the-next-hybrid/

Big into listening to Podcasts and answering FF questions on Twitter.

In over 13 different FF leagues “Needless to say I can’t get enough”

Representing our TIR squad in the coveted “SFBX”

Active with the Fantasy Cares Eliminators who donate to Charities via Fantasy Football

My overall favorite part of Fantasy Football is doing Live Drafts.

Favorite Fantasy Football experience is obviously winning.

Worst Fantasy Football Experience drafting Terrell Pryor.


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Rookies in High Scoring Offenses

Moore and Tolbert’s elite production is viewed as discounted as they played against subpar competition. Moore has one of the most impressive production profiles of any wide receiver in the class at Central Western Michigan, but he is viewed as untested. Tolbert put up monster numbers throughout his five years at South Alabama, but he is a redshirt senior who didn’t break out till he was 20.5.

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