Hey guys taps mic…I’m Bo! I first realized I was special when I was being bullied in school and my mom said y’all’s just jealous.
I can speak, read, and write in three languages. I earned a BA in International Relations and a keen palate for bourbon from Chico State University.
I’m married and have a daughter in second grade. My wife is the Director of Operations for a Napa Valley AgTech startup and my daughter is a Pokémon master who aspires to be a veterinary surgeon.
I enjoy writing, singing, and playing fantasy football, but my most successful passion resides in the kitchen. My grandfathers were a chef and a butcher and everyone in my family can cook. My aunt even owns a restaurant! I have been blessed to share my creations with the Twitterverse and on my website hotboxbatch.com. I have become known for my hot sauce and my accuracy on hot takes.
In my day job, I am a senior hearing care specialist and train other providers on occupational best practices.
I currently write primarily about DFS on NimbleWNumbers.com/Bo-Knows-DFS. It’s a rush to play a main slate and get instant gratification for great gameplay in the form of US dollars, so I love to share my strategies and instincts with whoever wants to freaking WIN!

PICANTakes podcasticnetwork.com

Surprisingly Spicy Stacks hammercast.com

ThunderDome H2H fantasysixpack.net

HotBox Merch veridianglobal.com/collections/lifestyle


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