Meet Jakob! Despite the rumors and his twitter profile picture being a hat, he is a real person. Jakob joined The Circle at Fantasy Intervention in January 2021, just in time for the start of the post-season. Jakob is one of the international circle members originally from Winnipeg, Canada and is currently in law school at UBC in Vancouver.

He is an avid Indianapolis Colts fan and AJ Brown stan (since way before everyone else thought it was cool). On days the Colts are not causing him emotional distress, he can be found outdoors with a craft beer in his hand, golfing, or singing karaoke. After two years of penning articles/press releases for his job, Jakob needed to get his true writing fix and reunite it with an equal, but opposite passion of his: fantasy football. 

Jakob is the Co-founder & Lead analyst of Full Tilt Fantasay. He also is the Co-Host of the Full Tilt Dynasty and DFS podcasts. Jakob joined our circle to bring the heat for readers, coming from his background in economics he offers an extremely unique market-based approach to fantasy football.

Jakob loves to help readers exploit inefficiencies in dynasty football, even among the sharpest players. He has a passion for scouting with a focus on modeling analytics and identifying under the radar players and prospects! Jakob is a highly active & successful DFS tournament player spreading the love with his game theory-approach. Make sure to check him out on twitter @FF_RTDB.  


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