Meet Jeff! Jeff joined the quickly growing circle in January 2021. Jeff is a member of #BillsMafia *insert buffalo emoji* and a very proud #GirlDad. By day you can find Jeff grinding away as a CPA, but by night Jeff is all football (and you know, primarily being a 2x girl dad). He started his fantasy content career with Goingfor2 where he is Lead Devy writer. Jeff is the #SFBX Satellite Conference II Champion. He brings his love for football, CPA analytical skills, and fantasy passion to Fantasy Intervention. Free time? Jeff likes to hit the golf course and play video games. Jeff’s motto is, “be nice to people always”. He is the positive ray of sunshine every circle needs. Make sure you do not miss a beat of Jeff’s content! Follow him on Twitter @4WhomJBellTolls.


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