Jordan was hooked on sports since out of the womb. He started playing fantasy football in 2003 and currently has 15-years experience commissioning several different types of leagues (re-draft, traditional Keeper, Term League Dynasty, and Standard Dynasty Leagues). Jordan’s favorite aspects of fantasy football are draft strategies using analytical approaches to building a successful team, while also determining the next potential breakout players.

Jordan recently began writing and content creating during quarantine (where dreams are made). After beginning to write, he quickly discovered it was something he has an affinity and passion for. Make sure you follow Jordan to stay on top of all his valuable content on Twitter @SantosLHalper83. His tweets are the perfect blend of in-depth fantasy football content regarding players, strategies and analysis, as well as witty replies and a little flair of sage life advice.

When Jordan is not moonlighting as a fantasy football writer, he is a husband and father. Jordan is the guy that manages to find a way to relate everything back to the Simpsons and/or Dave Chappelle quotes.

Additionally, Jordan is a master of metaphor, random facts nerd, and rap music historian. He grew up just outside of Washington, DC in Prince George’s County, Maryland and is currently living with his family in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a football fan he does have a history of divorce from the Washington ‘R’-words fandom. Jordan turned his Washington fan card in and exchanged it to be both a Baltimore Ravens & New Orleans Saints fan. He would not want anyone to forget he is also a Terps basketball lifer. Unsolicited Jordan tip: if you are ever given the opportunity to attend Mercedes-Benz Superdome, go. It is the best venue amongst sports arenas.



Rookies in High Scoring Offenses

Moore and Tolbert’s elite production is viewed as discounted as they played against subpar competition. Moore has one of the most impressive production profiles of any wide receiver in the class at Central Western Michigan, but he is viewed as untested. Tolbert put up monster numbers throughout his five years at South Alabama, but he is a redshirt senior who didn’t break out till he was 20.5.

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