Meet Juan! Juan is an original circle member at Fantasy Intervention. He is a Veteran and awesome father of three. Juan can be considered an absolute liquor connoisseur and foodie. Juan is a former DHH member, bringing 20-years of fantasy experience into the circle. His first year as an analysis, writer, and podcaster was 2020 (yes, there was some good that came out of the year).

Juan is dominating all across the team’s platforms. During the regular season, he does a weekly “Fantasy 6-pack” with Corey & Chef. The trio has a similar remix of the “Fantasy 6-pack” during the post-season called, “Case Study” where they bring you a different set of players weekly to best prepare you for the upcoming season. Additionally, Juan can be found with Chase and Dave for their show, “ Buy The Numbers” all season long. And, with Juan the fun just does not stop, so he can also be found twice a week on The Tilt is Real Podcast. Juan uses his extensive knowledge to write articles on primarily historical player comparisons to then gage new incoming player values. Juan brings a spicy layer to the circle to pair nicely with his tequila.

As if Juan was not already cool, Juan is bilingual in Spanish and English, but if the circle is ever in Poland or Japan without a translator he can handle both conversationally. No matter what Juan is doing he brings authenticity, knowledge, and laughs to Fantasy Intervention. Make sure to follow @FFJuanofakind on Twitter for all things Juan.


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