Meet Linda! She joined Fantasy Intervention in January 2021, after cheering from the sidelines. Linda is a rockstar single mom working as a family law attorney paralegal. Linda is currently dominating the fantasy community.

She is a writer for For Fantasy Sake (@FFSQC) where she puts out weekly streaming articles throughout the season. Linda also co-hosts Fantasy Football Confidential on Wednesdays at 9pm EST. Additionally, she is live on Fantasy Besties podcast Mondays at 7:15pm EST. And, the fun does not stop there for Linda—she is also a contributor for Sons of Dynasty, @DynastySons on Twitter.

Linda can be found on Twitter @lindellions talking sports, drinking Truly Lemonades, and trying to advocate (very convincingly) for kickers in fantasy football. When she is not watching, talking, or writing about football, she is singing couch karaoke or watching crime documentaries.


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