Meet Mark. After moving to Orlando, Florida when he was 17 Mark found himself hooked on college football while watching UCF play. His best friend exacerbated his football interest at a Superbowl XLVII party watching the Raven beat the 49ers. Ever since that game he has been fascinated by the sport and does his part to share its beauty with his friends back in the UK. Yes, that UK! Mark joins our team as the 3rd international member of the circle. His accent is sick, but his content is even sicker. 

Mark loves dynasty with a particular passion for the IDP side of it. He is always joining leagues and finding ways to expand his knowledge. Make sure to check him out on twitter @sideline_from.


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Hidden Value Quarterbacks

Taking Advantage of Hidden Value at the Quarterback Position

Over the last five years, 24 quarterbacks who finished as a QB1 were drafted outside the top 12 (40-percent hit rate). This hit rate projects we can find four to five quarterbacks that end as QB1s. However, how will we identify which quarterbacks hold hidden value, and which are ranked lower for good reason?  

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49ers Backfield

Investing in the 49ers Backfield

Whether Mostert is healthy or not, it is reasonable to expect Sermon to contribute as a rookie. If the incumbent starter were to miss any time, Sermon would seemingly see an increase in his workload, making him an intriguing option for fantasy. The potential upside has Sermon drafted as RB34 according to FantasyPros, standing to rise leading up to the season.

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Best Ball Stacks

Stacking Best Ball To Win And Why It Makes Sense/Cents

arating things you can do for fantasy football. You draft your team(s) and come back at the end of the year to claim your prize money. Drafting is one of the most fun parts of fantasy football, so why not do it all the time? Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into the stacks that could help you dominate your best ball leagues! 

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