Meet Taylor. Better known to the team as ‘Cold T’. Taylor is another fantasy football addict.  He has played in dynasty leagues for several years now, continuously adding more and more leagues. Taylor is the team’s Dad next door— nice, baby blues, and 10/10 Dad jokes.

 When not spending time with his lovely wife and adorable kids, he is writing dynasty articles or getting behind the podcasting mic. Taylor is a by the books, quality guy, he is always found using data to support and formulate his analysis. Taylor has a solo podcast (the Dyno Source, get it, dino-saurs???). He started the Dyno Source at the beginning of quarantine to provide him an outlet to talk about something he is passionate about.

Taylor is found on Twitter @_TaylorCornell . He is always putting out data based tweet threads on players, engaging with the FF community, and using #gifperfection. Oh, and Taylor is a life-long  Bengals fan and absolute Burrow stan. 


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