Meet Thomas! Thomas joined our circle in January 2020. He is a Glass Technician from Ontario, Canada. Yes, we have several international circle members. He is currently residing in Winnipeg, as a very loud and very expressive lifelong Baltimore Ravens fan. Oh, and he is the primary defender of the Joe Flacco is ELITE club (he also once owned a Kyle Boller jersey too).

Thomas is the co-creator and producer of The Full Tilt Dynasty Podcast. He does film breakdowns and audio editing for other podcasts/content creators. Thomas is new to writing for FF—specializing in superflex. But, he is very experienced in creating video content and will be pumping out content to the Fantasy Intervention YouTube page. Thomas plays close attention to every snap of every game and uses his observations to help expand his assessment of dynasty players. His passion is truly media, as he brings his personality behind the mic. 

When Thomas isn’t spending 23/7 dedicated to all things football, he can be found on the baseball diamond or wrestling for Premier Championship Wrestling based in Winnipeg. Make sure to find him on Twitter @ThomasTippleFF


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