Senior Bowl 2021 Jeff’s Running Diary: Day 1

8:00 – Kids are dropped off and I settle into my desk, It’s Senior Bowl Day 1, let’s go!

8:02 – @JoinOurCircle_ group chat went wild overnight, No Ketchup!

8:13 – I see Shane P. Hallam tweet about Nico Collins. Collins is a player I like, with a 6’4” frame he has a lot to prove in the Senior Bowl as he missed 2020 due to opt-out. I “like” Shane’s tweet then nervously reply, telling him how I took Collins in the mid -3rd in a Draft Bible mock.

8:20- Shane has replied! He likes Collins too, which makes me happy as I respect his opinion.

8:23 – John Bauer replies saying Collins in the mid-third is not a reach. It’s going to be a good day.

8:23 – Najee Harris weighs in, placing in the 97th percentile of current NFL running backs for height, 88th percentile for weight, 98th percentile for arm length. Harris is big, mean, fast, and good at football.

9:08 – Rhamondre Stevenson weighs in at 227. A big back out of Oklahoma who was rumored to be around 250 lbs, weighing in at 227 is a big win for him. RayGQue says “if Stevenson can run fast…MOVE HIM UP!!!”  I moved him up anyway because Ray used 3 exclamation points.

10:04- Fantasy Intervention’s own @CooterDoodle incites violence by scooping peanut butter with her hand.  I can’t.

10:05 – I tweet about Jamie Newman. Newman is a Konami Quarterback who has great tools but another guy with a lot to prove this week after opting out. He spent the offseason working out with QB Coach Quincy Avery (most notably DeShaun Watson’s coach).

10:07 – Kevin (@DaBoys_22) replies, stating Newman needed to play last season and must improve his accuracy.  I agree.  I “like” his tweet.

10:22 – Matt Miller tweets that practice is canceled due to rain. Maybe I was wrong about my good day prediction.

Senior Bowl intermission because my real-life boss may see this

12:32 – On my way back from lunch I go through a roundabout.  I tweet a joke referencing @joinourcircle_ with directions on how to use a roundabout.  I hope Chase or Stephanie “like” it.

12:33 – I see CooterDoodle scooped butter into coffee. Not today!

1:34 – Dane Brulger tweets about D’Wayne Eskridge, a 5’9” wide receiver out of Western Michigan.  As an Ohio University alum, I pull for MAC prospects. Eskridge has been drawing positive buzz in the scouting community, he is lightning quick and has a great chance to improve his stock this week.

1:37 – Dane Brugler again tweets, this time about Collins struggling to separate underneath, but his build-up speed is winning deep. Ut oh, I hope Hallam or Bauer do not see that. Brugler also mentions Tylan Wallace.  Wallace, out of Linda’s own Oklahoma St, is looking to sneak into the back half of the first round and standing out in practice today. He is the second-best wide receiver in the Senior Bowl behind Heisman winner DeVonta Smith and looks it.

2:21 – Michael Schottey tweets Eskridge struggled to line up correctly and needs help from coaches and Collins. Bad for Eskridge, but good for Collins.

2:22 – I check to see if Chase or Stephanie “liked” my circle joke yet. They did not.

2:37 – Collins looks huge making a play on Oregon DB Thomas Graham Jr.  I quote tweet. I hope Hallam or Bauer see it.

2:40 – I tweet a joke about Harris’s quads.  They are HUGE, AJ Dillon beware.  Fantasy Intervention’s own Mike (@DaddysHomeFF) “likes” the tweet and calls in the Quad Squad. It is on.

2:44 – I see Jakob (@FF_RTDB) tweet about Travis Etienne from Clemson, comparing him to Jerrik McKinnon. I am not as high on Etienne as consensus buzz, but a McKinnon comp seems harsh. Still, I “like” Jakob’s tweet and largely agree with his point.

4:05 – Matt Miller tweets about Jamie Newman, stating how the ball is jumping around the field with a lot of velocity.  My Guy!

11:11 – Chase and Stephanie have yet to “like” my circle joke.

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