Senior Bowl Day 2 – Running Diary

6:55 – I have a work zoom this morning so an early start. The Senior Bowl excitement inspired me to purchase the full line of Reese’s products as a thank you for their generous support. It is a relief to know a full day’s worth of meals is planned and a great way to give back to the community.

7:18 – It is Nina (@ninicaa_j)’s birthday.  She’s had “Birthday SZN” in her name for a month so I think she’s excited. I wish her a happy birthday.

7:22 – Time to talk football. There is one guy I know who will be ready to chat this early- @al_FF_red. I hit him up to talk yesterday’s biggest name, D’Wayne Eskridge. I ask him if he has a particular team in mind to get my foot in the door.

7:41 – @al_FF_red replies, listing several teams. Not a great question Jeff. Ok, time to talk about his style, that is a good question.

7:55 – @al_FF_red says Eskridge can fill multiple roles. I move him up my board.  @TheFF_Educator chimes in and comps Eskridge to Will Fuller. I am already sold Matt, but I move Eskridge up another half spot.

8:02 – I like to start my day off on the lighter side so my breakfast choice is easy, the white chocolate Reese’s cup. 

9:23 – @devydeets is going after my new friend Jamie Newman. My feelings are hurt. But this is not a fight I am equipped to handle at this time. Another big day coming for Jamie!

9:36 – @RayGQue tweets that one on ones always favor WRs. I move Eskridge back down half a spot.

9:44 – @CooterDoodle has her socks in the bathtub. This is a cry for help.

9:56 – Jordan (@SantosLHarper83) has been on the clock in Moose’s MooseLeagues4MH for 13.33 hours. I mean, take your time in a slow draft if you need to…..

Senior Bowl Day 2 Intermission – I really do work, I swear

12:22 – For lunch I think I’m going with Reese’s Fast Break. It’s a heartier candy bar that eats more like a meal. The Big Cup should work as a side, the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate will help offset the density of the Fast Break.

12:53 – Sage Surratt hurt his ankle. (Googles Sage Surratt). Surratt is another player who opted out of the 2020 season. Frankly if Jamie Newman left my team, I would opt out too. Obviously Surratt has a lot on the line this week, but @al_FF_red does not like him and I have crossed him off my list. The first cross off of the 2021 NFL Draft! What’s more, Mike Tannenbaum does like him. Double cross off!! Get better soon Sage!

1:05 – I am pretty frustrated with my current “home” feed. Does anyone know how to fix the algorithm?

1:18 – The Dolphins coaches have spent extra time with Najee Harris. I know he is “old”, but I do not see how he lasts until 18. At pick three the Dolphins are in prime trade down position, especially with a handful of teams wanting a quarterback and a tasty trio of Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson available. My bold prediction has the Dolphins trading back in the top 10 and taking Harris. Now go laugh harder at Mike Wright’s quad joke than mine. I am going to eat Reese’s Pieces. I may need someone to phone home soon.

1:35 – There’s a highlight of a great Nico Collins catch. I tag @TheBauerClub and @ShanePHallam instantly. Bauer “likes” it right away and replies with a rocket ship.  My day is made!

1:46 – I am beginning to regret several choices.

1:48 – Why the egg Cooter? Also, did you keep the wet sock on? I have so many questions…

3:10 – @DynastyJacobian has retired from twitter.  He never tagged me, so I wish him well.  I also own no shares of Josh Jacobs.  The price may be going down now.  Time to buy?

3:19 – More Eskridge!  The MAC dominates the NFL and it is great to see Eskridge shooting up the board.  Ben Roethlisberger – Eric Fisher – Khalil Mack – D’Wayne Eskridge?

3:43 – Khalil Herbert, a smaller back (5’8” – 204 lbs) out of Virginia Tech just pancaked Ohio St linebacker Tuf Borland in one on one blocking drills.  For a guy his size, that will turn heads. Matt Waldman has compared him favorably to Dalvin Cook in terms of running style.  It is a bit of a quiet draft class for running backs, but Jakob likes him too!  I moved him up a couple of spots.

5:29 – Dave wrote a great theory article about Zero WR.  It’s full of math, so you know it’s true.  

5:35 – No more thoughts today, I don’t feel well.

11:27 – Chase and Stephanie still have not liked my joke.

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back tomorrow for “Senior Bowl Day 3 – Running Diary.”

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