NFL Future prop bets

Cash In NFL Season Long Futures To Bet: 2021

The Dallas Cowboys, who are favored to win the division (+150), has the makings of an elite offense with a healthy Dak Prescott. However, Washington has something that the Cowboys do not: an elite defense. The New York Giants have yet to find their identity under GM Dave Gettleman’s regime, and the Philadelphia Eagles look to be in transition mode heading into the season. Washington also has the best coach in the division with Ron Rivera. I am confident that Washington wins the division and will gladly take the +220. 

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Fantasy Intervention: The Dynasty Market (v1.0)

Fantasy Intervention: The Dynasty Market Version 1.0 The stock market fluctuates day-to-day, be it by people attempting to buy a stock or by an event creating the stock to drop or rise in value. Dynasty Football shares similarities when the football players are viewed as stocks. The perceived future value of a player is a […]

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