I am Zach and I am passionate about fantasy football. I began playing in 2013 in redraft formats and in 2018 I jumped right into dynasty by starting my own league. In 2019 I started another, and joined several more dynasty leagues – the list continues to grow!

I have always enjoyed writing and it’s translation for me into fantasy football has allowed me to create and share my thoughts with this amazing community.

As with everything I do, when I find something that grabs my interest I commit myself all-in. In 2014 I began to find success, I won a 12 team redraft SF IDP league that my friend ran. The format was too much for me at the time though and I left the following year. I started to focus more on fantasy hockey while playing fantasy football with a bit less interest. Fantasy hockey is quite the beast, daily lineup setting is very unforgiving and requires constant time and attention. It became a passion and I excelled, winning several championships between the small handful of leagues that I still maintain to this day.

In 2017 I started to shift my attention back to fantasy football. I needed to win. The effort started to pay off, I made playoffs in my one home league and finished 3rd. Not good enough though. At this time I was just in one league, my long-running and still going 12 team home league. I was able to focus, learn, read, and absorb all things fantasy football.

In 2018 I won the league championship belt and repeated in 2019. In a league with my closest friends, it meant a lot to me! The cash and trophy were extra bonuses, it was winning and bragging rights that meant the most. I wore that belt at every opportunity around them, on snowboard trips & even at my commissioner’s wedding which I MC’ed.

Now my focus is building dynasty squads and contributing to this wonderful community that has offered me so much for several years.

You can find me on twitter @FFZachBlach


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